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Eartha Love has travelled the world and lives on the road with her daughter’s…after years of doing her own soul work and initiating herself through shamanic work, she found her way to bringing the work of a rites of passage to women and girls. She has run mentoring programs and circles for girls and young women and training programs for women to start their own girls circles.photo_2022-01-12_13-03-47

She co founded sacred woman sacred world which seeks to restore our outer world by restoring our inner world..coming back in touch with connection, soul and devotional love for life.
Once we restore ourselves as sacred we can restore the sacredness of life into the hearts of the human family…it’s the path of devotional love and the evolution of consciousness..

Since she shared a profound death experience with her beloved she has begun the work of birthing the new earth through the heart of the sisters through conscious death.

As our daughters carry within them the seeds of future generations, by nurturing them we nurture the future generations, therefore nurturing our Earth Mother.”

See our sister site for working with girls: http://www.womanbecoming.org

Hannah and eartha

Hi my name is Hannah Gwawr and i am sister to Eartha Love. In this lifetime we are twins and have a strong path and journey together. Our dance on this beautiful Earth Mother is very connected to the land and the love of the wild, our wild natures as well as the beauty of wilderness. We are deeply committed to the restoration of the Earth and humanities soul connection to her ecosystem. Human beings are part of the global ecosystem but we have been separated from this truth. The indigenous people know this. We are all indigenous people and many of us are finding our way home, creating new but ancient pathways of beauty, love and connection.

I am shamanka initiated since 2003 and am Priestess of Brigantia initiated which means I have gone deep healing past trauma and made my vows to working deeply with the ancient Goddess Brigantia who is the Sacred Isle Of BrigitAna, the British Isles..she was known as the Holy land of Trees and was seemed in wisdom and priestess/druid lore..coming from the land…i know have deep sense of belonging to her and her important purpose on this earth…changing her recent legacy from oppression to restoration and belonging.

I am a Treesister and a trustee of the live Earth Trust. Both these charities are actively working towards the vision of re-connection. After a deep journey of healing and retrieval of my natural self within shamanic traditions i have now for the last 17 years been working with women to assist the rise of the divine feminine and the re awakening of women and the deep truth of our connection to nature. This has led ,with the parallel path of home educating my own tribe as a massive inspiration and teaching, it has led me to work with the next generations in sacred space. Working with children and the wisdom that comes from watching their natural wonder and understanding of the natural world has been a joy, enhancing this natural connection with nature games, native medicine stories and simple ceremonies with drumming and journeying is all that is needed to regenerate culture, this has now led on to working with girls to assist their them as they grow and become who they really are. I have created the Changing woman mandala and colouring book.

These are developing into beautiful teaching resources to help women and girls develop a deep understanding of womb wisdom and our connection to the natural world.

This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form.

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