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Online Mentoring Bundles

Mentoring zoom calls from the Sunheart Temple Land

Hannah and i will be in Portugal ( Portal to the Grail) for most of december and into january.. We will be holding a series of zoom calls for those that want to join us. Replays will be available. All the calls will be from 2 – 4 pm

Zoom call 1 – Sunheart Shamanism and the New Earth 11th december

This will be a talk on New Earth shamanism to bring in the path of the beloved heart and the understanding of the ecosystem of heaven. Moving into the prophecies of this time and how shamanism ( in our Experience) is evolving along with this life.. Working with the shamanic Magdalena and the merging of the three shamanic worlds and our return to being children of the sun. Understanding the conscious ecosystem of Gaia and the conscious eco system of souls becoming embodied in our hridaya, our heart Temple.

Zoom call 2 – The map of soul and soul mending 2 – 4 18th Decemeber

This is a talk on the map of soul and the evolutionary path we walk as humans from a soul perspective. This will bring you a whole new awareness of Rites of passage and how they are a conscious opportunity for the evolution of our soul and our consciousness. These moments of death and resurrection, contraction and expansion can bring understanding to how to navigate the path to the new earth. Also we will introduce soul mending. What is soul mending, the mechanics of soul and how to tend to ourselves so we can begin to see the world through our soul eyes and allow the miracles unfold.

Zoom call 4 – Christmas day special 25th December

Sacrifice and Resurrection. The story of Christ and Mary Magdalena

The story of Yeshua and Mary Magdalena, seen through our shamanic soul eyes and Rites of passage.. Embodying the resurrection and the path of the heart. The sacred land of portugal and the death rites. Living myth

Zoom Call 4 – Our daughters and the New earth .. The wisdom of crossing thresholds 1st January 2023 – See our sister website for more info

Cost is £33 for each zoom call.. Please pay and write in the notes which zoom call or replay you would like

Bundle 1Healing the Maiden Maiden- Restoring Elderhood

This is a body of work that goes deep into the journey of recovering and retrieving our natural power and true essence as women by going back along the map of womanhood to recover our Maidenhood. Journeying back and picking up the threads of our younger years and honoring four important thresholds and natural rites of passage which she went through. Healing, witnessing and celebrating those times in wholeness so your maiden can receive what she never had and bring through her unique gifts and medicine for our beautiful world, Mother Earth and Community. Retrieving her power through shamanic techniques really allows the soul to become fully integrated so she can take this wholeness of herself into her Elder-hood.

So many Elders are missing from our community due to trauma at a young age, by healing this and really being seen and celebrated in your maidenhood no matter your age is essential for your ability to really express your true self and bring your deep authentic wisdom to the world from menopause and beyond. Healing the Maiden is a beautiful journey which is also valuable for the rites of the Menopause as this threshold really is about any unfinished or unresolved issues surfacing to be acknowledged and healed to enable your transformation into deepening woman to be all that it should be. £150

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Changing woman mandala

Resources and mentoring to deepen your relationship to the innate wisdom of the menstrual cycle and our deep connection to the earth…this assists us in restoring our inner world and our magical relationship to the outer world of beautiful Mother Earth


Changing Woman Mandala

Soul Mending , Life after Death

A Rite of passage for a changing world
launch date Sept 2021

This course can be thought of as a vision quest, or a soul quest. It is time taken out to be in the wilderness of our hearts to feel the awakening of our souls as we go through this collective death threshold.

Something new is coming into existence that has never existed before. Its natural evolution. Time out in the wilderness away from the village of people, touching the village of spirits , will help us to find the holy that is being birthed.

We can see this changing world as the initiatory time out in the wilds of the unknown. Together when fully equipped with our own souls purpose we can lift the veil to see what lies after death for ourselves and the world.

During this course we will look at dying, dying consciously. We will look at physical death and beyond. We will look at dying but staying alive. We will look at the collective death threshold we are moving through. We will discover the after life , the resurrection and the  rebirth.

We will work with soul mending. We will work with the soul of Gaia, mother earth. We will see that she is calling us, her fragmented soul parts home. This will help us to live a soulful life based on Love not fear.

This will be a series of online sessions, councils, workshops, gatherings with myself and others i know who are working with death, rites of passage, vision quest and the afterlife.

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