Year long facilitator Training

Spiral 1 – Reclaiming ourselves as Sacred.

Spiral 2 – Offering ourselves to life.

Spiral 1- Sacred Woman

Sacred Woman is a woman who is reclaiming her natural power by restoring the sacredness of her inner world. During spiral 1 we will restore our sisterhood circles to support each other on our journey to recover ourselves. Learning ancient healing practices and contemporary rites of passage ceremonies we will claim the sacredness of ourselves. At the same time you will be given the tools and practices to guide other sisters to do the same.

Work from home -To begin you will be sent the preparation work that is to be done at home to allow you to step more deeply into the first circle .

Circle 1 – Healing the maiden, Restoring Elderhood – 11th/12th April 2020

This circle can be a stand alone weekend or the opening circle to the training.

During this first circle together you will be introduced to the teachings of the map of womanhood and the many Rites of passages that we cross in our lives. Then we will focus on recovering and catching up on the two main thresholds of our maiden years. We will retrieve our inner shamanka/wisewoman and create the grounds for the recovery of our inner maiden/teenager.. we will begin the work of weaving the threads of our soulskin bundles.
Work from home – inner council/heart lodge with your inner maiden – who were you becoming?

To book a place on this weekend of healing the maiden as a stand alone workshop then please pay here. ( If you want to continue with the whole core training program please use the contact form below )

Circle 2 – Claiming yourself as sacred and going deeper- 6th/7th June 2020

This weekend you will be taught the ancient art of Shamanic journeying to access your inner guidance and to work deeply with your animal helpers. Your will reclaim your sacred self, your deep inner knowing, your connection to all life, seeing the truth of yourself as part of this beautiful dance of creation. Seeing and getting to know your authentic self , who you were born to be.

Work from home – shamanic journeying practice and case studies

Circle 3 – Inner restoration and recovery –  12th/13th September 2020

During this circle you will be taught techniques of soul retrieval to allow the inner restoration to deepen. Working with our soulskin bundles to recover yourselves enough to step into who you were becoming as a maiden, who you have always been and to begin to embody your sacredness and therefore your sacred purpose.

Work from home – Case studies and practice

Sacred world Offering yourself to life – Restoring the outer

Spiral 2.  brings us to the natural purpose of women on this earth, which is to be the sacred guardians of life. As we recover ourselves through the ancient practice of soul retrieval during spiral one, we begin to see the bigger picture that we are a culture of soul loss and trauma. The outer is a reflection of the inner, this culture of separation and destruction of nature comes from the fragmentation we feel inside, our loss of connection to nature and our sense of belonging. So spiral 2 starts the work of stepping into our own unique sacred purpose. This has always been there throughout our lives, even in the darkest of times, our soul mission,what calls us. We will begin to gather the threads of our medicine and recreate the village that holds and recognises who we were born to be, enabling us to empower ourselves, embody our medicine and offer ourselves to life.

Work from home – Becoming the sacred guardians of life. Preparation work and becoming native practices.

Circle 4 – Sacred Purpose – 14th/15th November 2020

This weekend we step across the next two thresholds of our maiden years, enabling us to finally step into our womanhood fully, and for those of us crossing menopause to step towards elderhood consciously . We will create two powerful ceremonies, for birth and for woman-becoming which will allow you to feel your sacred purpose fully. Using the tools we have already taught you in spiral 1 to access your deep guidance and healing.

Work from home – Continuing with your heart lodge council and your soul mission work. Becoming native practices

Circle 5 – Restoring the village and the place of the Elders – 12th/13th December 2020

During this last weekend we will stand in the place of Sacred woman and begin the work of offering ourselves to life. Working with our soulskin bundles we will pull through our medicine as sacred women and see the legacy we wish to leave behind from the place of being a future elder. We will begin to really feel ourselves in the role of being the sacred guardians of life and how we can become the mother trees and restore the land , our communities and culture.

Work from home – continuing to deepen your sacred purpose and to offer yourself to life.

Cost of training is £250 a month , includes 2 skype sessions and coursework in between weekends..

Concessions and payment plans available, apply through the contact form.
We aim to find a way to make this work as accessible as we can to all women so please get in touch if this work calls you.

For more info and to book your place on the core training contact Eartha and Hannah use the contact form below, after the video.

Birthing the New Earth through the Heart of the Sisters


Healing the Maiden

“The incredible beauty that takes place in the emerging growth and development of a young soul, a girl, that happened to us all, once upon a time…and the absolute gift that we have been given as mothers/Aunts/friends to witness this in our young.That in doing this course and learning and using the tools that Hannah and Eartha have shared so far is like re discovering a lost language that has now taken on a life of its own within me. I keep having experiences that are affirming how essential this work is not only for ourselves but for our young, our villages, all our futures and restoring Elderhood”

Iya, North Wales.

“My medicine bundle has been a wonder. I have always created little altars wherever I am and in different areas of my home or on the land etc, but I have never had a safe snug altar simply to myself which is how I am experiencing my medicine bundle. Wow what a gift”

“I’m feeling to say, our work is brave work, and female medicine has been repressed which is releasing in us and in the world around us, so what emerges when engaging in this work isn’t wrong or bad, its just bursting out and seeking the village, integration, support and loving kindness, all of our voices, all our weird and wonderfulness are needed and what we trigger in each other is releasing the flow, which together we can learn to steady”

Belinda, North Wales.

“So beautiful. Im drinking deeply from the cup of everything that I received last weekend. My life is shifting dramatically, everything is right in my face and there is so much to process, so I am so grateful for the grounding of my sealskin bundle, bringing me back to myself”

Rosemarie, Frome.

“im missing your presence and still processing all the healing and wisdom from our time together. Ive been meditating with my soulskin, singing the songs, and remembering all of our precious maiden ceremonies….so much beauty, acceptance and connection…

Jayne, Bognor

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