Healing the Maiden

“The incredible beauty that takes place in the emerging growth and development of a young soul, a girl, that happened to us all, once upon a time…and the absolute gift that we have been given as mothers/Aunts/friends to witness this in our young.That in doing this course and learning and using the tools that Hannah and Eartha have shared so far is like re discovering a lost language that has now taken on a life of its own within me. I keep having experiences that are affirming how essential this work is not only for ourselves but for our young, our villages, all our futures and restoring Elderhood”

Iya, North Wales.

“My medicine bundle has been a wonder. I have always created little altars wherever I am and in different areas of my home or on the land etc, but I have never had a safe snug altar simply to myself which is how I am experiencing my medicine bundle. Wow what a gift”

“I’m feeling to say, our work is brave work, and female medicine has been repressed which is releasing in us and in the world around us, so what emerges when engaging in this work isn’t wrong or bad, its just bursting out and seeking the village, integration, support and loving kindness, all of our voices, all our weird and wonderfulness are needed and what we trigger in each other is releasing the flow, which together we can learn to steady”

Belinda, North Wales.

“So beautiful. Im drinking deeply from the cup of everything that I received last weekend. My life is shifting dramatically, everything is right in my face and there is so much to process, so I am so grateful for the grounding of my sealskin bundle, bringing me back to myself”

Rosemarie, Frome.

“im missing your presence and still processing all the healing and wisdom from our time together. Ive been meditating with my soulskin, singing the songs, and remembering all of our precious maiden ceremonies….so much beauty, acceptance and connection…

Jayne, Bognor



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