Sacred World

Sacred World

This is the work we do, as sacred women,and sacred man, sacred human to help restore the outer world, a healthy world/ecosystem for our children, our brothers, each other and all our relations. Weaving the consciousness of the land, its myth and codes with the consciousness of our humanity so we remember our divine place within the ecosystem of Gaia. Mostly Our work currently is with The holy land of Brigits Island, Britain, through Avalon, Glastonbury and Portugal, Portal to the Grail through our journey with indigenous shamanic pathways and the divine Feminine through the Goddess.

Sunheart Shamanism and the Path Of The Magdalena.

Also in Avalon, tuning into the sacred land and priestess energies of Brigits lands.

So tuning into the sacred land of Portugal and the Magdalena energies… Portugal meaning ‘door to the grail’ and having a strong history with the knights Templar… we understand Portugal is significant in the next chapter of humanity and the new earth🌞 we are offering this

The Children of the Sun🌞 The age of meeting ourselves again has been and according to the Andean tradition we are the potential timeline to move into the golden age🌞“The emphasis of life will begin to shift from a physical expression to an energetic one. We will move closer to becoming true light beings, literal children of the Sun🌞🌞The Way of The luminous Warrior🌞🙏🏽 it’s a stunning path gifted from the Americas which speaks of the New human, Homo luminous, light being. It’s about how the human has a chance to be for the first time in history fully conscious of its evolution 🪶🌕🌟The teachings included transmissions to help the cells of our physical body to adjust to and receive these light codes that are available to assist us to ascend into the conscious light beings we are destined to become⭐️ They all contain Shamanic practices to work with and become more conscious of yourself as a light being and to hold a massive amount of love and to help others during this massive planetary shift🙏🏽We are weaving this work with our other teachings to create Sunheart Shamanism and The Path of the Magdalena 🌹As we await the coming of this new age, the dawning of this new age of health, high immunity, freedom, love and our magnificent destiny to come back to our souls, our divine nature the change is creating chaos, as the control tries to tighten its grip but their are shamanic practices that can assist you to let go and to surrender into the alignment which is your birthright🌞I believe these ancient teachings of the Americas are also linked to the wisdom of the Magdalena s, how to tend to this light and bring it into our hearts to gift to Gaia, life and to bring to the people🌞🙏🏽Also stunning raga sacred music to help awaken the sunheart and the light body by Jason KalidasWe are all connected and this is the great work, to doula each other into this New age

⭐️18th December in Barrao Sao Jao in the Algarve €80 for a whole day into early eve

From the chaos and fear of these times something new is birthing.. we are being initiated into the golden age.Learning how to navigate this initation by raising our frequency and living from our light body.. The prophecies of the Americas and their traditions guide us towards us becoming the children of the sun.☀️ homo luminous

.☀️ Clearing adrenaline and coming back to yourself with the taming of the jaguar.☀️

seeing the world through your soul eyes.

☀️embodying the ressurection.. complete faith, love and trust

☀️the sacred land of portugal and the practices of the essenes

☀️Devotional love and the hridaya heart temple

.☀️Near death experiences and living from soul

l☀️Sacred Raaga music , ceremony , prayer and deep mediation

.With Eartha Love, Hannah Gwawr and Jason Kalidas.

Teachings from the Sacred Groves Of Brigits Islands

The Sacred Trees Of Avalon Pilgrimage.🌳🌳🌳🌳This time I am inviting you to the Sacred Grove here where i live at the Avalon priory 🌍 This Sacred Grove is home to the ancient and wise Grandmother Yew and cedar trees, to Ravens , woodpeckers, Bats, foxes and Badgers and they are calling to those whose hearts are hearing the call to come home back to belonging, back to their place within Gaias Ecosystem.On this day we will create ceremony for the trees, share our prayers, and be with the Spirits of the land…I will also share the story of the Goddess Arianrhod and Blodeuwedd, Myth which came from the Wise Hearts of the Magical people who lived long ago on Brigits Island and who Foresaw that this time of the Great Awakening would come just as the power paradigm began to take control of the land…💔We will move from the old Story and see it through the heart of the Goddess of this New age as this New Dawn is upon us and we say Goodbye to the Age of Seperation and Control🙏🙏🙏


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