Sacred World

Sacred World

This is the work we do, as sacred women, to help restore the outer world, a healthy world/ecosystem for our children, our brothers, each other and all our relations.

Teachings from the Sacred Groves

The Sacred Trees Of Avalon Pilgrimage.🌳🌳🌳🌳This time I am inviting you to the Sacred Grove here where i live at the Avalon priory 🌍 This Sacred Grove is home to the ancient and wise Grandmother Yew and cedar trees, to Ravens , woodpeckers, Bats, foxes and Badgers and they are calling to those whose hearts are hearing the call to come home back to belonging, back to their place within Gaias Ecosystem.On this day we will create ceremony for the trees, share our prayers, and be with the Spirits of the land…I will also share the story of the Goddess Arianrhod and Blodeuwedd, Myth which came from the Wise Hearts of the Magical people who lived long ago on Brigits Island and who Foresaw that this time of the Great Awakening would come just as the power paradigm began to take control of the land…💔We will move from the old Story and see it through the heart of the Goddess of this New age as this New Dawn is upon us and we say Goodbye to the Age of Seperation and Control🙏🙏🙏

Sept 2021 – Date to be confirmed

Deepening into Soul

The Path of the Heart and the Magdalena Temple

Tending to your heart Temple at this time on Earth takes you into the Hridaya and the spark within the seed of your soul…so we can begin to see the world Soul eyes, heart centred perception. The path of the Heart is the path of devotional love to the divine.

This is the inner restoration of ourselves as a sacred living temple that is the spirit house of our soul. from this place we can restore our outer world. We begin to have reverence for ourselves as holy just as we revere Mother Earth. Our prayers for ourselves match the prayers for her.

Our souls then wake up to our place in the soul of the world and her evolutionary shift. She is moving into her expansiveness as soul and we come home to our place as part of her soul, as brothers and sisters together with our devotional sacred love for each other and for life. Cost sliding scale £100-£150

October 16th and 17th 2021

May be an image of 1 person and flower


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