Sacred Woman

The work of restoring our inner world and reclaiming ourselves as sacred.

Living from soul and offering ourselves to life

Ecstatic/conscious death Death – Sacred Grief

This is a retreat for all brothers and sisters who have some experience of healing, for those wanting to step into soul midwifery and death doula, for those wanting to prepare for a conscious death or to help loved ones pass, for those experiencing grief and for those who are wanting to feel the love of the times we are in, for shamanic practitioners. During this weekend we will be raising the vibration to the 5d level and bathing ourselves in eternal love and ceremony to help us prepare for our inner and outer death thresholds

As we move through a collective death threshold , we face physical death and also the death old paradigm , of all we have ever known… The journey is the same, we are awakening to love…How do we learn to surrender and let go so we can be fully conscious in our lives.. in our death process and the re birth that always follows this retreat we will share and gather to prepare ourselves to surrender to love, to die and stay fully alive..we will share.

.✨ Ecstatic death, conscious living understanding the death process as ecstatic medicine for evolving consciousness’

✨Sacred grief and the path of the heart. Learning to let the broken openness of the heart guide you to embodying soul.

✨ Soul mending and the life review. How the ancient art of soul retrieval helps us to prepare for our death. Journeying into our heart lodge to work with our soul.

✨Birth and death as Rites of passage. How the death threshold is really the birth threshold and informs all the nine passages. Introduction to the soul map of life.

✨ Andean death rites ceremony. How the chakras unwind at physical death and how to help someone pass over by working on these energy centres

.✨Ayni Peruvian despacho ceremony. A beautiful ceremony of offerings to death and the medicine it brings to the people, life and the cosmos. With devotional music and song to heal and open our hearts

✨the afterlife , awakening to love and the New earth. How death informs the collective consciousness and helps us navigate the evolutionary shift, Initiation and rebirt In this retreat we will be collaborating with Jason kalidas who will be bringing sacred soundscapes and healing indian raagas accopanied by the bansuri flute

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praying to the earth sunhearts ceremony

Healing the Maiden, Restoring Elderhood And the Path of Love

Healing the Maiden – Restoring Elderhood

Healing The Maiden, Restoring Elderhood.

This is a body of work that goes deep into the journey of recovering and retrieving our natural power and true essence as women by going back along the map of womanhood to recover our Maidenhood. Journeying back and picking up the threads of our younger years and honouring four important thresholds and natural rites of passage which she went through. Healing, witnessing and celebrating those times in wholeness so your maiden can receive what she never had and bring through her unique gifts and medicine for our beautiful world, Mother Earth and Community. Retrieving her power through shamanic techniques really allows the

soul to become fully intergrated so she can take this wholeness of herself into her Elderhood.

So many Elders are missing from our community due to trauma at a young age, by healing this and really being seen and celebrated in your maidenhood by a circle of women no matter your age is essential for your ability to really express your true self and bring your deep authentic wisdom to the world from menopause and beyond. Healing the Maiden is a beautiful journey which is also valuable for the rites of the Menopause as this threshold really is about any unfinished or unresolved issues surfacing to be acknowledged and healed to enable your transformation into deepening woman to be all that it should be.

This work will then assist you in recovering your inner mentor through this wholeness enabling you to naturally understand and respond to the next generations of women from this healed place gifting them your unique insight into the journey of a young woman.

This is deep and transformative work so to enable us to hold the space in a good way we are creating two Healing the Maiden weekends….the deeper space for those who want to go deeper and who are able to witness the sometimes strong stories from the Maidens of other women that need to be heard and a “beginners” for those who can only touch on it and need to get used to the potent transformational process held within this.

In Avalon, Glastonbury, This work also involves the Recovery of the path of the priestess, tending to the Sacred. The Map of Womanhood becomes a map of soul.


Hi Eartha – I really want to be in touch today, just to say how beautiful yesterday was. Your upgrade is deeply profound and divine and so very LIGHT. ..This morning I’ve had this analogy keep popping into my head, about how that time in circle yesterday, with yourself, Sunheart and three other beautiful women, has really enabled me to deeply experience and sense an embodied feeling of soul … As analogies go, it’s pretty inadequate, but I am thinking to share it with you as you may like to hear it! Do you remember, as a kid, when you were first learning to draw the sky, you’d draw a blue line on top of the paper, and when you drew the earth it would be a line of green grass beneath? And so there would be this big white gap in the middle, this separation between earth and sky? (I don’t think I was the only kid that drew the sky and the grass like that?!) Well, I can still remember sitting there one day, holding a green felt tip pen and a blue felt tip pen and suddenly realising …wow…there is no gap between earth and sky, I need to connect these two lines up (I tried so hard ’til the blue felt tip ran out!) So there it was, this amazing realisation in my little six year old being of how earth and sky are always connected. Well, yesterday, I had this beautiful embodied realisation that the divine soul ecosystem and the world’s ecosystem are always deeply connected, just like the earth and the sky, there is no gap, no separation … our souls are connected to the soul ecosystem and we, in human form, are connected to our soul … the blue and the green are merged. I know that I ‘knew’ this. But there is a difference between knowing and really feeling the knowing, really feeling the connection, not just to my soul but to all soul. I think that this is some of what you were wanting to impart and to express to us, this embodied connection to soul, and I really wanted you to know – it works!

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