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This is the work we do, as sacred women, to help restore the outer world, a healthy world/ecosystem for our children, our brothers, each other and all our relations.


We work with communities of women and girls to restore the land, to restore community girls lodges/Groves, to regenerate culture and to work towards contemporary rites of passage. We have a sister website which focuses on this work. It is a website where you can read about the initiatives and projects we have set up, access online courses to help women set up girls lodges/groves and to find resources to help with working with girls, information on mentoring and rites of passage and camps that we run.

For our work with girls see our sister website:

Here is a list of the most recent projects we are involved in, click on the links.

Treesister Avalon Girls Groves

Summer Mentorship Programme for mothers and daughters

Daughters of the Earth Girls Lodge in west wales

Wild Moon Sisters Lodge in West Wales

For our work with Teens:

Teen Lodge in Avalon

journey to womanhood challenges flyer






This is a collaboration with women in Avalon who are wishing to regenerate and restore the land, to have a deeper relationship with the Somerset Levels. Sometimes in Circle Together, sometimes supporting Each others Projects. Some Current projects are.

Garn: The Global Alliance For The Rights Of Nature.  We are creating a project with Garn to go forward with the community of Glastonbury to protect and restore the sacred land of Avalon. To get rights for the summerset levels as it is a contaminated and struggling ecosystem.

The Sacred Trees Of Avalon Pilgrimage

This is a three to four times a year event to the beautiful

trees and small remaining woodlands around the Sacred land of Avalon/Glastonbury giving offerings, prayer and song to the beautiful tree beings who dwell there discussing topics like deforestation..restoration…community village restoration…medicine stories and sharing
wisdom along the way…growing the forest floor

next one October 17th 2019


March 2019. collaborating with treesisters global event ‘sing with the trees’ for international womans day.

Summer solstice 21st June 2019.

Sacred river Journeys:

Working with Steve Jarvis of Canoecraft we are beginning the work of taking people onto the sacred rivers to connect to their wild nature, to feel them as sentient beings and to move into reciprocity with all life. We use ceremony, storytelling and gratitude to honour the water and to move into right relationship with all the life in and around the rivers.

As humans receiving the abundant gifts freely given to sustain this life, we become curious as to what is it that the human family can truly offer back to meet a reciprocal nature.

For us as a human species we have lost our place in this great dance of life.. to come back into our natural place in this beauty we need to feel our connectedness , to feel our indigenous heart, to come back to a place of belonging and to feel our roots and to open our hearts to this life. Together we work with ancient and new indigenous pathways to come to this place of deep truth inside ourselves enabling us to then co create ceremonies to take out on the rivers, deeming our own journey in this life and beginning to make the profound changes that are needed for mother earth and all life. For more info on our river ceremonies and teachings see the Roots of belonging page

The Eartheart:

In collaboration with the live earth trust we are restoring a piece of land in the Preseli hills in west wales.

The Eartheart is sacred land

An Eartheart is a piece of land where local people gather to celebrate and express their connectedness, and to rewild Image may contain: mountain, sky, nature and outdoortheir inner selves.

It is a place for people to explore and create what is ‘sacred’ to them and to give this to the landscape.

It is cooperatively owned and managed by all involved and is collectively given back to the Earth for ever.

The Eartheart is a seed in the landscape, we are planting a seed of a vision for the unfolding of sacred land. A seed of a vision coming from the landscape, a community sacred site, a reservation for exiled/ wild plants, exiled/ wild people, welcoming them home to the land, to connection.

A place for people to come and dream with the seed, with the vision of a new culture born of the land.

We belong to the Earth, the Earth cannot belong to us.

We have the right to be indigenous people, First Planet Natives living closely with the land,free from fences and walls.

To follow our project see our facebook page:

Or to donate to the management of the Eartheart, click here:

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