Roots of Belonging

So roots of belonging are inspirations we have developed to create pathways back home to our place as humans in the sacredness of life, our belonging in Mother Earths Ecosystem

Medicine stories which help us dive deep into our inner world to find the lost treasures of connection that have been buried under grief and fear. Once retrieved we can begin to find our way back step by step.

ceremonies based on indigenous gifts to beauty to life…offerings to the sacred to redress the gratitude and love.

Roots Of Belonging events.

Watch this space!


Sacred river canoe journeys: 

So our main focus for the rivers is taking people into a place of deep connection and belonging…using ceremony , storytelling, nature connection practices and shamanism to open up our indigenous hearts and roots to the river, so we can move into a place of feeling the truth of this dance of life and our place as humans in it. We will journey on the river after doing some practices beforehand so e move from a place of reciprocity and gratitude. This then will enable us to come together as a human family for our time at the gathering to co create ceremony and new indigenous pathways back home to deep connection with the river. Image may contain: tree, outdoor, nature and water

On the river bank we begin with shamanic practices and nature connection to enable us to approach the river from a place of feeling and connection, asking permission to engage in a conversation with her, opening our senses to her and her wildness and beauty, becoming curious about her nature and deep listening. Bringing our human awareness to living water, what medicine does she bring to us, the land and all our relations?….then moving onto the water in canoes for a gentle meander, stillness, silence, with origin story and song.

Using the river and the canoe as a metaphor for our own journey through life, we can feel into following our calling, flow and guidance to come back into the truth of connection. Indigenous stories on the river. Living water…life, cleansing, grief, flow, wildness.. shamanic teachings on reciprocity and the cosmos of living energy and our place in it.

Taking people into deep ceremony for the river. Circling before hand to prepare people…working with story and teachings of gratitude and reciprocity to feel into our relationship to the river and what makes us human, what would we like to give back , what would we like to offer her from this place of belonging and heart centred perception. Song, beautiful speech, flowers, offerings we make, poetry, music…then at dawn the next day taking this out on the river to offer our love to her and all our relations that live on , in and around her. Healing the water, healing our separation from life, opening our hearts and shifting into the native perception of reality…the river is sacred, a sentient being, all life is sacred, including us…

Watch this space as we are working together to begin working with the river Brue in Avalon and getting rights for the river…we will be offering these river journeys alongside that project.

Yippee! We will be offering this river work at the All about Love gathering this year.

If you would like to deepen your relationship with your local river contact us, we travel.

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