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Soul Mending. Life after Death.

A Rite of passage for a changing world

This course can be thought of as a vision quest, or a soul quest. It is time taken out to be in the wilderness of our hearts to feel the awakening of our souls as we go through this collective death threshold.

Something new is coming into existence that has never existed before. Its natural evolution. Time out in the wilderness away from the village of people, touching the village of spirits , will help us to find the holy that is being birthed.

During this course we will be focusing on the awakening that comes from dying. This will help us to see the road ahead more clearly, as we learn to see the world through our soul eyes.

As we move through own personal initiations , that are informing, feeding and part of the collective initiation, the work of soul mending awakens us to the re birth, and helps us to incorporate this soul quest, so we can embody our own unique medicine from the holy, and bring it back to the people. We can then start mending the soul of the village, people, family, Earth.

We can see this changing world as the initiatory time out in the wilds of the unknown. Together when fully equipped with our own souls purpose we can lift the veil to see what lies after death for ourselves and the world.

During this course we will look at dying, dying consciously. We will look at physical death and beyond. We will look at dying but staying alive. We will look at the collective death threshold we are moving through. We will discover the after life , the resurrection and the  rebirth.

We will work with soul mending. We will work with the soul of Gaia, mother earth. We will see that she is calling us, her fragmented soul parts home. This will help us to live a soulful life based on Love not fear.

This will be a series of online sessions, councils, workshops, gatherings with myself and others i know who are working with death, rites of passage, vision quest and the afterlife.

More info to come. This will be sliding scale cost £20 to £50 for about an hour session for with questions and answer sessions afterwards. Start date to be confirmed

Changing Woman Mandala Resources.

Resources and mentoring to deepen your relationship to the innate wisdom of the menstrual cycle and our deep connection to the earth…this assists us in restoring our inner world and our magical relationship to the outer world of beautiful Mother Earth



Bundle 1 – Healing the maiden within – Restoring Elderhood

This is a body of work that goes deep into the journey of recovering and retrieving our natural power and true essence as women by going back along the map of womanhood to recover our Maidenhood. Journeying back and picking up the threads of our younger years and honoring four important thresholds and natural rites of passage which she went through. Healing, witnessing and celebrating those times in wholeness so your maiden can receive what she never had and bring through her unique gifts and medicine for our beautiful world, Mother Earth and Community. Retrieving her power through shamanic techniques really allows the soul to become fully integrated so she can take this wholeness of herself into her Elder-hood.

So many Elders are missing from our community due to trauma at a young age, by healing this and really being seen and celebrated in your maidenhood no matter your age is essential for your ability to really express your true self and bring your deep authentic wisdom to the world from menopause and beyond. Healing the Maiden is a beautiful journey which is also valuable for the rites of the Menopause as this threshold really is about any unfinished or unresolved issues surfacing to be acknowledged and healed to enable your transformation into deepening woman to be all that it should be.

In the online bundle you will receive:
*teaching videos and guided to journeys to connect to your inner wisewoman/shamanka.
*Self inquiry Questions
*Teachings on the map of womanhood
*Meditations and journeys to connect to your Inner girl and maiden/teenager.
*Meditations to connect to your soul mission and purpose.
*teachings, stories and ceremonies for your soulskin bundles
Cost £80
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We also have an larger online bundle available for training women to set up girls lodges and to guide women to restore communities of women and girls circles. This larger course contains three parts, part two is healing the maiden. For those of you who have already purchased the above healing the maiden and feel called to set up a girls lodge will receive a discount if you buy the larger bundle.
The larger course – Restoring community – Recovering ourselves and holding our daughters in strength is available on our sister website:


Deepening Woman Mentoring Teachings

£60 a month for 9 months this includes a facebook support group with support from both Rachael and I. We are offering a limited number of concessionary places, please contact us about that

Opens 31st Oct 2019.

There will also be Facebook group for support, opening 31st Oct, closing 14th Nov.

Eartha and I will be in there offering prompts, meditations, Q&A .  (the next FB support group will run end of 2020)

(Reduction for women who have invested in Bundle 1 online course!)

Combining womens rites of passages with deep shamanic practices. Deepening Woman Teachings will guide women though the Nine Passages /Life Spiral of womanhood, as well as including menstrual recapitulation, rites of passage ceremonies, shamanic journeys, meditation, Red Tent and Moon Lodge wisdom, journaling, circling, chanting, crafting, touching nature and connecting with our ancestors…On this journey you will deepen your connection with your authentic self, your cyclical nature and its relation to the seasons and the age old knowledge of our ancient mothers; remembering techniques that increase our natural women’s intuition and connect to our Medicine Woman Self.

These teachings are for ALL women, it will benefit mothers, menopausal women, and women holding circles and working with youth, as the purpose of the teachings are to bring you to your own authenticity so you can live from that place as a strong medicine woman!


We advise taking at least 9 moons/months working through this journey – but you are free to work through it at your own pace- it will be open for 1 year for you to access the teachings. There will be daily journalling questions (just a few minutes each day), meditations and visualisations to connect to your inner Wise/Medicine Woman, healing practices and beautiful crafts to be made!

There will be monthly emails that include each passage over the 9 months, so ideally you will work though a passage a month.

A Facebook group will be created for support.

Skype sessions can be booked with Eartha or Rachael at £30 an hour, conference calls with both of us are £50 2 hrs max.

To Book-

What’s included:

Foundation videos

Earth Connection

Setting up and holding Sacred Space

Connection to your inner Wise Woman, Inner Maiden, Inner Teen

Rituals and Rites

Medicine Bundle Teachings

Stories & Songs

PDFs of self enquiry work and craft activities making sacred medicine tools

Meditations & Journeys

Deep cycle teachings

Menstrual Recapitulation

Creating ceremony

Suggested further reading

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