Sacred Woman


Healing The Maiden, Restoring Elderhood.

This is a body of work that goes deep into the journey of recovering and retrieving our natural power and true essence as women by going back along the map of womanhood to recover our Maidenhood. Journeying back and picking up the threads of our younger years and honouring four important thresholds and natural rites of passage which she went through. Healing, witnessing and celebrating those times in wholeness so your maiden can receive what she never had and bring through her unique gifts and medicine for our beautiful world, Mother Earth and Community. Retrieving her power through shamanic techniques really allows the


soul to become fully intergrated so she can take this wholeness of herself into her Elderhood.

So many Elders are missing from our community due to trauma at a young age, by healing this and really being seen and celebrated in your maidenhood by a circle of women no matter your age is essential for your ability to really express your true self and bring your deep authentic wisdom to the world from menopause and beyond. Healing the Maiden is a beautiful journey which is also valuable for the rites of the Menopause as this threshold really is about any unfinished or unresolved issues surfacing to be acknowledged and healed to enable your transformation into deepening woman to be all that it should be.

This work will then assist you in recovering your inner mentor through this wholeness enabling you to naturally understand and respond to the next generations of women from this healed place gifting them your unique insight into the journey of a young woman.

This is deep and transformative work so to enable us to hold the space in a good way we are creating two Healing the Maiden weekends….the deeper space for those who want to go deeper and who are able to witness the sometimes strong stories from the Maidens of other women that need to be heard and a “beginners” for those who can only touch on it and need to get used to the potent transformational process held within this

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Healing the maiden, restoring Elderhood facilitator training.

Sacred woman Sacred world

Spiral 1 – Sacred Woman

Recovering ourselves and claiming ourselves as sacred.

Sacred Woman is a woman who is reclaiming her natural power by restoring the sacredness of her inner world. During spiral 1 we will restore our sisterhood circles to support each other on our journey to recover ourselves. Learning ancient healing practices and contemporary rites of passage ceremonies we will claim the sacredness of ourselves. At the same time you will be given the tools and practices to guide other sisters to do the same.

Work from home -To begin you will be sent the preparation work that is to be done at home to allow you to step more deeply into the first circle .


Circle 1 – Healing the maiden, Restoring Elderhood – 11th/12th April 2020


This circle can be a stand alone weekend or the opening circle to the training.

During this first circle together you will be introduced to the teachings of the map of womanhood and the many Rites of passages that we cross in our lives. Then we will focus on recovering and catching up on the two main thresholds of our maiden years. We will retrieve our inner shamanka/wisewoman and create the grounds for the recovery of our inner maiden/teenager.. we will begin the work of weaving the threads of our soulskin bundles.
Work from home – inner council/heart lodge with your inner maiden – who were you becoming?

To book a place on this weekend of healing the maiden as a stand alone workshop then please pay here. ( If you want to continue with the whole core training program please use the contact form below )

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Circle 2 – Claiming yourself as sacred and going deeper- 6th/7th June 2020


This weekend you will be taught the ancient art of Shamanic journeying to access your inner guidance and to work deeply with your animal helpers. Your will reclaim your sacred self, your deep inner knowing, your connection to all life, seeing the truth of yourself as part of this beautiful dance of creation. Seeing and getting to know your authentic self , who you were born to be.


Work from home – shamanic journeying practice and case studies

Circle 3 – Inner restoration and recovery –  12th/13th September 2020


During this circle you will be taught techniques of soul retrieval to allow the inner restoration to deepen. Working with our soulskin bundles to recover yourselves enough to step into who you were becoming as a maiden, who you have always been and to begin to embody your sacredness and therefore your sacred purpose.

Work from home – Case studies and practice

Spiral 2 

Sacred world Offering yourself to life – Restoring the outer

Spiral 2.  brings us to the natural purpose of women on this earth, which is to be the sacred guardians of life. As we recover ourselves through the ancient practice of soul retrieval during spiral one, we begin to see the bigger picture that we are a culture of soul loss and trauma. The outer is a reflection of the inner, this culture of separation and destruction of nature comes from the fragmentation we feel inside, our loss of connection to nature and our sense of belonging. So spiral 2 starts the work of stepping into our own unique sacred purpose. This has always been there throughout our lives, even in the darkest of times, our soul mission,what calls us. We will begin to gather the threads of our medicine and recreate the village that holds and recognises who we were born to be, enabling us to empower ourselves, embody our medicine and offer ourselves to life.

Work from home – Becoming the sacred guardians of life. Preparation work and becoming native practices.

Circle 4 – Sacred Purpose – 14th/15th November 2020


This weekend we step across the next two thresholds of our maiden years, enabling us to finally step into our womanhood fully, and for those of us crossing menopause to step towards elderhood consciously . We will create two powerful ceremonies, for birth and for woman-becoming which will allow you to feel your sacred purpose fully. Using the tools we have already taught you in spiral 1 to access your deep guidance and healing.

Work from home – Continuing with your heart lodge council and your soul mission work. Becoming native practices

Circle 5 – Restoring the village and the place of the Elders – 12th/13th December 2020


During this last weekend we will stand in the place of Sacred woman and begin the work of offering ourselves to life. Working with our soulskin bundles we will pull through our medicine as sacred women and see the legacy we wish to leave behind from the place of being a future elder. We will begin to really feel ourselves in the role of being the sacred guardians of life and how we can become the mother trees and restore the land , our communities and culture.


Work from home – continuing to deepen your sacred purpose and to offer yourself to life.

Cost of training is £250 a month , includes 2 skype sessions and coursework in between weekends..

Concessions and payment plans available, apply through the contact form.
We aim to find a way to make this work as accessible as we can to all women so please get in touch if this work calls you.

For more info and to book your place on the core training contact Eartha and Hannah use the contact form below, after the video.



Add on courses that we recommend to compliment our core training program:

Circle 6 – The Way of Herd. – 26th/27th September 2020 Cost TBC


During this circle you will reclaim the boundaries of your maiden ..relearning the centre of your true self and how she wanted to be in the world…her instincts, her power…also from this deepening we will immerse ourselves into learning the wisdom of the herd who teach us how we can rebuild pathways back to community and togetherness with all our relations. working with a beautiful herd of horses in Avalon you will be gifted the wisdom of horse and a sense of belonging to all of life. You will get to deeply understand that we are all connected..such an honour to work with these beautiful beings. Working with the amazing Anna-Saqqara Price and Dawn Oakley Smith.

Add on day for our april 13th 2020 healing the maiden:

IMG_3678We also have an beautiful extra day working with Anna-Saqquara Price and Dawn Oakley Smith on the april 13th 2020 working with a very special herd of horses..the Heartshore Herd who live at the Avalon Priory. After recovering your Maiden as her true self you can then have a sacred day with the horses and the Way of the Herd to relearn her boundaries…this is very special…horses are amazing teachers and wisdom keepers, when approached with sensitivity and awareness, tuning into their energy fields and boundaries they are able to stay fully present and in their bodies as the wild wise souls that they are. Human beings are the same, you will get to learn about boundaries both how to set them whilst remaining centred and in your power and how to respect them and honour them in others.  Cost if you book on healing the Maiden will be an extra £40..             

For those wanting to do the extra day with horses, book here:

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Summer Mentorship Mothers and Daughters Days Avalon.


Recovering Ourselves and Restoration of Culture.

Mothers/Carers and girls age 9 to 12

received_2391498587582887This beautiful mentorship programme in 2020 is a wonderful opportunity for Mothers/Carers to deepen into the wisdom of their own Maidenhood, deepen into community sistering around holding the next generations of women, and to deepen their relationship not just to their own daughters but also other girls as they navigate their path to Womanhood.    There will be a womens lodge running alongside the girls lodge and then a coming together of both lodges in truth and love. It is a journey of four full days over four months with development in between where each day will lead onto the next creating cultural regeneration and deepening wisdom on Maidenhood. This will culminate in the women co- creating a special honouring and witnessing of their daughters crossing the threshold of girl woman.

This time it’s two weekends May 9th/10th and May 30th/31st.

For more info and to book see our sister site for working with girls


Coming Home to Belonging and Igniting your Sacred Purpose.

July 28th 2019…Fringe event for the Goddess Conference 2019. (Sun Lover)

This event is beautiful day out on the sacred land of Avalon in Glastonbury working with Hannah will be working with the wonderful musician and singer Dora Darling to create a deeply nourishing and sacred space. coming back to belonging and igniting your sacred purpose…through medicine stories ..journeying and sacred songs we will drop into the grief of the seperation we have experience as humanity both from the land and from each other and then find new pathways home back to belonging..Dora also will use the ancient art of fire by friction so we can work with the wisdom of grandfather fire to bring our sacred purpose individually and collectively as a species to fruition.


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