Fundraising campaign for restoration

Hello beautiful people.. This is the first time we are using this platform of fundraising, but something incredible has happened, which has the potential to manifest a home for the Sacred Woman Sacred World movement and vision. An opportunity is coming our way to purchase some land in Avalon, where we have been working to restore community and for land and cultural regeneration… .. a centre of belonging…there is so much to this regeneration…biodiversity…wild food growing….community circles…rites of passage…youth projects, a place of belonging for our friends the wildlife….and us humans to come home to each other and to Mother Earth. this initial fundraising request is to purchase this land to begin this project…. please could anybody help us?and we need to raise the money asap to secure the site and start this spring/summer if we can. This is for the restoration of our sacred land , the somerset levels. Beautiful people who donate will be able to follow our project of Restoration and join us in the future. …it is not going to be a place to live as it’s the summer lands…

it will become a trust for mother Earth .

* A place to restore the Avalon summer lands.

*A place for community led Rites of passage

* A place for the sisters to gather and dream together new ways for this Earth and the next seven generations.

* A place for the brothers to come and begin to mend the broken hoop.

* A place for the holding of our young people.

* a sanctuary for the wild nature.

This is coming from the deepest part of our hearts and is a big project that comes from our complete love and devotion of Mother Earth…calling out for help.

To find out about our work please see our website with love Hannah Gwawr and Eartha Love
By pay pal……



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