The Sacredness of the Death threshold.

Yesterday i was feeling shock waves of sadness washing through me as i witnessed the levels of fear that exists now in our communities. I looked at my daughters and felt some anger, as i realised the enormous effect that growing up in this collective fear of life and death would have own their mental health and wellbeing.

What i want for my daughters and the human family is for us all to feel the sacredness of the death threshold, and to feel the holiness of the expansion that it brings. To have reverence for this sacred passage, whether its your physical death or a rites of passage threshold that you are moving through.

Death Is the ultimate sacrifice for love, for the continuation of life. It is nothing to fear, it is another beginning, a re-birth, a birth. Sacrifice is required to be able to resurrect yourself into the new life that is unfolding.

Death in its unfolding is the loving expression of universal love, because we become the one heart, one soul that surrounds and is everything, is consciousness, is the aliveness, is the life force. To resist death is the going against the tide of love that washes us clean, clean from heavy, dense, energy, that which has no life force. The new is the re birth, the renewal that is required for life to continue. To resist death is to create suffering and density on this earth plane.

Death is an expansion. The one heart , one love that is death consciousness seeks to know itself in this life. It is a constant motion towards soul and a continuation and unfolding.

Death or letting go or surrendering to what is , or sacrifice of the old, is the way we are able to move into the awakening and expansion. There is nothing else to do in this life. Every rites of passage we go through is preparation for that expansion and an opportunity to fully live the soul expression that is trying to reveal itself. The map of soul awakening is the greatest gift. Its not easy. It takes us into the dark night of the soul, but when we grieve well, love fully and own our own death or death process, when we honour the sacrifice that is required for life and soul to thrive, we become love, we realise we are love, we are eternal, we are soul. Then we can step fully into what is being called , what is unfolding , what is trying to be revealed.

To hold on through fear is to the detriment of oneself, soul , life and love.

Their truly is nothing to fear, their is only love.

Lets grieve well, dive deep, awaken to soul and then find our way to celebrate this unfolding life in all its holiness.

Then we can truly live the sacred, love one another and realise our divinity.

By the way i much prefer the word transition to the word death. Lets reclaim these transitions as sacred and live our lives without fear.

In love for the sacredness of life.


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