Sacred Woman – Restoring the Inner. Sacred World – Restoring the outer .

Hannah and i have created this training program for women after being told by so many sisters that they want to go deeper with the work we offer in rites of passage and healing the maiden.


Through our own healing journey and experiences of stepping into our medicine and what we have to give to this world ,we have truly begin to understand the depth of what it takes to step into truth, so we can make the changes that are necessary in our world.

Our experience tells us that to be able to restore the land, to restore a healthy culture and healthy communities , we first have to restore ourselves. We have to restore the inner to restore the outer.

We are a culture of soul loss that is a reflection of our own soul loss and trauma. Our soul loss and individual trauma creates a culture of separation to each other and the land. To come back to belonging we have to restore ourselves in order to stop the culture of soul loss that re- traumatises us again and again. Once we have restored our inner world and recovered ourselves through soul retrieval we can begin the work of restoring our communities and sisterhood circles. Once we have come back into right relation and sisterhood we can begin to work together to restore the land…we cannot make the changes alone..we have to work together now…we have to come back into belonging..

Through recovering ourselves through soul retrieval and by catch up rites of passage we reclaim ourselves as sacred…We harvest our wounds and retrieve our medicine.

Through catch up rites of passage and the teachings of the map of womanhood we awaken to the understanding of the rites of passage and are able to finally step fully into womanhood and then elderhood.. We then begin to understand that to heal our culture  we need to restore community led rites of passage.

Once we step across our inner thresholds our adolescent years and start to move consciously through our future thresholds we begin to embody our medicine and our sacred purpose. We can claim our sacredness…become Sacred Woman.

As sacred women we can then begin to move through the changes that are happening on the earth by living our sacred purpose. Through the descent of the soul, which i call harvesting our wounds we move through our initiation, come back into belonging and find the gold, our medicine, that enables us to offer ourselves to life, recovering our Sacred World.

Humanity and the world is in a collective rites of passage. We are in the descent of the soul. Our wounding , collective and personal is reaching a state of collapse, as seen all around us in the natural world as well as our own human world.. But as in all initiation there is an opportunity available to harvest the wounding, to find the gold and to part of the renewal, to come out with the medicine that the descent brings…to find the solutions.

By moving through our own descent and initiations , fears, grief and wounding we can step fully into Sacred Woman, embody our medicine and offer ourselves to life to help create a sacred world.

Circle 1 of a series of 5 that is our core training program starts in April 2020

Sacred Woman

The circles will be held in and around Glastonbury.

For our Earthmother and the next seven generations

Eartha Love



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