Sacred woman, Sacred world.

Roots Of Belonging.

Who is Sacred Woman, Sacred World?

Sacred Woman, Sacred World has been birthed from the hearts of Twin Sisters, Hannah and Eartha. It has been conceived and lovingly tended by us sharing our path together in this life as identical women. Working together brings us the understanding of the gifts that identical twins carry in service for life.

The vision has been clear from a young age – restoration of land and culture.



Having a natural ability as identical soul women to commune, share and to immerse in the sacredness of life through the spiritual practice of accepting a twin incarnation, overtime we have developed the capacity to harness this oneness and unconditional love to go deep into the divine feminine and her inner world.
Through this journey we have the understanding that a restored and healed natural inner world of a women is a potent catalyst for restoration of the outer.
This work coupled with training in womens shamanism over many years had led us to Sacred Woman, Sacred World.
Roots Of Belonging.
So Sacred Woman is About

Sacred Woman, Sacred world is about:

Reclaiming/Recovering Our Natural Power and restoring the Sacredness of our inner world, so we can bring through our unique gifts and work towards restoring the outer, all of life..

reclaiming our true purpose as guardians/keepers of the Sacredness of Life.
Sacred Women are deeply connected to the innate wisdom of Mother Earth and her Planetary Ecosystem.
Her inner knowing understands the right action of how all life can thrive on this beautiful Earth, Women together in Sacred Sisterhood is extremely potent as a prophecy unfolding.
Sacred Woman knows she is Earth, Water , Fire and Air. She knows she needs to commune with the spirits of the land, trees , forests, rivers and oceans, to watch the omens all around, the flights of birds, the medicine of the animal people, to be in Sacred Union with Our Brothers and right relationship with our youth and the wisdom of
all of life. She needs the reflection of her Wild soul in the wisdom of the Wild land.
So, Sacred World is about:
The work we do as Sacred Women when we hear the call that together we can heal the Image may contain: one or more peopleinner landscape of trauma and fear that has swept over humanity and by doing this we can repair and regenerate the Outer World of the destruction of the Pristine Land of
Mother Earth.
It leads to us creating pathways back home to Belonging and Community with our Brothers, our Youth and All Our Relations.
Roots Of Belonging
What we offer are mentorship and training and healing programmes to remember tribal ways, recover ourselves through rites of passage to hold the future generations in strength, to retrieve fragmented parts needed for wholeness for you to step into your sacred power, indigenous ceremonies, deep medicine stories and journeying to assist in your returning home to yourself and the land, to belonging. And Inspiration to be part of Sacred Activism on behalf of life and Mother Earth.
For our work with our future generations, the daughters of our communities see our sister website http://www.womanbecoming.org
Here you will find guidance on how to set a girls lodge, a mother and daughter lodge, teen lodge , rites of passage and resources for working with girls and training and mentoring for those women who want to work with girls and young women.
For our Earthmother and the next 7 generations
Eartha and Hannah x
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