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Sacred Woman Sacred World

Welcome to Sacred Woman Sacred World.

A Temple that holds space for birthing the New Earth through the Heart of the sisters

Sacred Woman, Sacred World has been birthed from the hearts of Twin Sisters, Hannah and Eartha. It has been conceived and lovingly tended by us sharing our path together in this life as identical women. Working together brings us the understanding of the gifts that identical twins carry in service for life.

The vision has been clear from a young age – restoration of land and culture.

Having a natural ability as identical soul women to commune, share and to immerse in the sacredness of life through the spiritual practice of accepting a twin incarnation, overtime we have developed the capacity to harness this oneness and unconditional love to go deep into the divine feminine and her inner world.

Through this journey we have the understanding that a restored and healed natural inner world of a women is a potent catalyst for restoration of the outer. This work coupled with training in womens shamanism over many years had led us to

Sacred Woman, Sacred World.


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